I think you can find better things to credit Microsoft with than these ridiculous claims! I'm not a programmer, but some of Microsoft's API and developer tools work arguably paved the way for software written by smaller companies and individuals instead of only huge corporations. Not claiming they invented the… » 6/28/08 2:57am 6/28/08 2:57am

Been using the developer builds and there is a noticeable speed increase over Tiger on the same hardware. Overall, the new system is a bigger step than the Panther to Tiger leap. Apple's pricing model is and has been reasonably priced, incremental (pretty big increments) OS upgrades on a relatively frequent schedule,… » 10/17/07 3:19am 10/17/07 3:19am

I've been reading ebooks for years on various devices including palm pilot and pocketpc. I now read on my cell phone using a reader called Libris ([www.hillbillyinteractive.com]). It has much nicer fonts than WattPad. Another thing to note is that although Wattpad is free, it works by downloading a few pages of text… » 4/06/07 9:59am 4/06/07 9:59am

Actually, Burst did have a product, it just didn't make it, and now they are left with their patents. That's typical, as the damages claims are often based on how much money the infringer made on a product after driving the patent holder out of the market » 3/31/07 11:24pm 3/31/07 11:24pm

Both OS's owe a lot to each other, and I'm sure there are any number of things Vista does differently or better than OS X. The humor in this clip though is that after "media center" and "tablet" all the things Gates mentions are some key consumer features where Vista is definitely playing catch up to OS X. And yes,… » 1/31/07 3:43am 1/31/07 3:43am

The U.S. Ski Team used a similar technology in their racing suits this past winter. Instead of the hard plastic forearm and shin guards the racers used to wear, they had a gel material sewn into their lycra suits that hardened on impact with the gates. Didn't help their miserable showing in the Olympics, but they… » 8/01/06 7:51pm 8/01/06 7:51pm